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Gathering Moss

'Phil' Dirt Soil-less Mix 2lbs

'Phil' Dirt Soil-less Mix 2lbs

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This is Phil's personal soil-less mix based on what he found to work with most aroids. This mixture begins with tree fern fiber as its main ingredient and counts on tree fern fiber's ability to hold moisture and humidity, while not being oversaturated. Also, added in, orchid bark, pumice, perlite, biochar, and just a bit of volcanic soil. Simple but very effective!  He has found this is a good substrate to use with most plants without the need for a lot of extra aeration. It aerates on its own!

While we use this and sell this as mostly for aroids, we feel this is a very good soil-less substrate for most plants with its ability to hold moisture while not being too wet! The other really great thing about tree fern fiber is that it is all natural and sustainably harvested and does not break down easily so you should be able to repot less frequently.

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